The Mausolea & Monuments Trust


2017 Mausolus Winter

1 January 2018

Obituary to Gavin Stamp, Princess Charlotte's mausoleum at Claremont, Printed brass monuments, Campbell mausoleum St Mary's RC Cemetery Kensal Green, Thomas Becket's Shrine ... open/download pdf

2017 Mausolus Summer

24 January 2018

News, Reviews, Ambrose Bierce on the Exile of the Dead from San Francisco and Hannah Malone on Architecture, Death & Nationhood  ... open/download pdf

2016 Mausolus Winter

3 May 2017

Guise mausoleum update, Pop Up Mausoleum, Highgate Cemetery, Hope Mausoleum rebirth.... ... open/download pdf

2016 Mausolus Summer

14 August 2016

Papers presented at the Architecture of Death Conference, Scarisbrick mausoleum, Hapsburg Crypt, Budapest ... open/download pdf

2015 Mausolus Winter

16 February 2016

Update on Hope, plans for the Guise mausoleum, the Young mausoleum in Hammersmith Cemetery, etc. ... open/download pdf

2015 Mausolus Summer

4 November 2015

Essay competition resuslts, Reviews, Updates ... open/download pdf

2014 Mausolus Winter

23 June 2015

The Jewish Cemetery, Penzance; Wauchope Mausoleum, Edinburgh; Robert Adam, designer of mausolea and monuments ... open/download pdf

2014 Mausolus Summer

9 May 2015

Remembering William Butterfield; the grave of Samuel and Suzanne Beckett; monuments to Antarctic explorers; Gabriele d'Annunzio's mausoleum  ... open/download pdf

2013 Mausolus Winter

11 December 2013

The Larnach mausoleum in Dunedin, NZ; the Melesi mausoleum; the Yule mausoleum; and the North Mausoleum in Great Glemham, Suffolk ... open/download pdf

2013 Mausolus Summer

8 May 2015

Outdoor tombs, the Pentillie Mausoleum and an update on the Hope Mausoleum appeal ... open/download pdf

2012 Mausolus Winter

9 May 2015

the Savage tombs; the Duncombe mausoleum; planning and the Bunhill Fields Burial Ground ... open/download pdf

2012 Mausolus Summer

14 August 2012

The Guise mausoleum; Eksharad Cemetery, Sweden; the Lowndes mausoleum, Chesham; mausolea in Northern Ireland ... open/download pdf

2011 Mausolus Winter

8 May 2015

Edinburgh's Burial Grounds; Raikes mausoleum; Ralph Allen's mausoleum, Claverton; Bunhill Fields ... open/download pdf

2011 Mausolus Spring

8 May 2015

The Mausoleum in the Landscape; Hanham mausoleum; Lutyens memorials; Boswell mausoleum; Kilmorey mausoleum; the funeral of Landgrave Friedrich of Hesse-Kasselin 1884 ... open/download pdf

2010 Mausolus Winter

8 May 2015

The Burton mausoleum; Philipson mausoleum, Mary Watts memorial cross; Darnley mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2010 MMT Newsletter May

8 May 2015

Norman Shaw's tomb; Wauchope mausoleum; Dartrey mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2009 MMT News July

8 May 2015

Monuments and slavery - changes to the EH list; St Pancras Gardens ... open/download pdf

2009 MMT News March

7 May 2015

Dysart mausoleum; Darnley mausoleum; a modern family mausoleum in Cornwall ... open/download pdf

2008 MMT News November

7 May 2015

Malplaquet House; the Lovelace Mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2008 MMT News July

7 May 2015

The Boileau mausoleum and the Boileau family; obituary, Dr Thomas Cocke ... open/download pdf

2007 MMT News Winter

18 May 2015

Lucinda Lambton's talk to the 10th anniversary AGM of the the Trust in May 2007 ... open/download pdf

2006 MMT News Winter

1 December 2010

Heathcote Mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2006 MMT News Summer

18 May 2015

Launch of the MMT Gazetteer on the Net ... open/download pdf

2006 MMT News Spring

6 May 2015

The Knockbreda mausolea ... open/download pdf

2005 MMT News October

6 May 2015

Dulwich Picture Gallery and its mausoleum; Fitzpatrick mausoleum; sham mausolea; visits to the Sacheverell Bateman mausoleum and the Boileau mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2005 MMT News June

18 May 2015

The MMT restores two mausolea; angels in cemeteries ... open/download pdf

2005 MMT News March

6 May 2015

The Eyre mortuary chapel, Bath; Birmingham cemeteries ... open/download pdf

2004 MMT News November

6 May 2015

The Hopper mausoleum; Newman Brothers Coffin Factory ... open/download pdf

2004 MMT News August

18 May 2015

The Monument to National Liberation, Zizkov (Prague) ... open/download pdf

2004 MMT News April

6 May 2015

The origins of the Darnley mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2003 MMT News November

6 May 2015

Restoring the Sacheverell Bateman mausoleum; the Wilson mausoleum, Warter; Keston Roman tombs ... open/download pdf

2003 MMT News July

5 May 2015

The Hope mausoleum; a note on the Guise mausoleum; the Raikes mausoleum; the mausoleum at Halicarnassus; the Walker mausoleum, Rotherham ... open/download pdf

2003 MMT News March

5 May 2015

the Heathcote mausoleum; a funny thing happened on the way to the cemetery; Raikes mausoleum, E Riding of Yorkshire ... open/download pdf

2002 MMT News Oct

5 May 2015

Kilmorey mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2001 MMT News May

5 May 2015

Victorian literary attitudes to mausolea in cemeteries ... open/download pdf

2000 MMT News Sept

5 May 2015

Burial chambers; progress at the Wynn Ellis mausoleum ... open/download pdf

2000 MMT News Feb

1 January 2010

Darnley mausoleum ... open/download pdf

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