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Heathcote Mausoleum

A neo-classical mausoleum, possibly attributed as the work of the architect William Robinson (1720-1775), built on a square ground plan having domed roof.  Brick walls, laid in English bond, having base plinth, corner pilasters and crowning timber cornice (painted).  Square-headed ‘Gibbsian’ doorway to north wall having a rusticated stone surround. Semi-circular ventilation ope over doorway with corresponding ope to the south.  Blind round-headed window to east elevation having an oval funerary monument to Samuel Heathcote.  Shallow dome rising from the four corners, weathered in lead.

Interior consists of a broad passage with 35 loculi on each side.   A total of 38 loculi are occupied, each of which carry inscriptions. Rendered and limewashed internal walls.

Some have attributed the design of the Heathcote mausoleum as the work of William Robinson (1720-1775) citing this to be a development of the 1757 Simeon mausoleum in the grounds of Aston Hall, Staffordshire, and the neighbouring Jervis mausoleum of c.1757 in the churchyard at Stone, Staffordshire, both of which were designed by Robinson.


possibly attributed to William Robinson


Grade II (England and Wales)

Year Built





Sir Thomas Heathcote, 2nd Bt of Hursley (1721-1787), whose family had made their money from trade during the late 17th century, built the mausoleum in the churchyard at Hursley because he considered the family vault under the church no longer adequate. 

In 1771, when the mausoleum was complete, the coffins of earlier members of the family were moved there from the existing family vault. Thirty eight members of the family now occupy loculi to either side of the mausoleum. Each coffin has been placed into the loculi so that the foot end is aligned to the east. Hence those on the left (east) side were placed in feet first, and those on the right (west) side were placed head first. A memorial to the Rev Thomas Heathcote (d.1811) and his wife Letitia (d.1802) is located to the centre of the floor. 

However, not every member of the family wanted to be buried there; an oval tablet set within a blind window to the external east elevation commemorates Samuel Heathcote (d.1797), the brother of Sir Thomas, who left specific instructions that he be buried, double depth, in the churchyard as he felt it would be “more snug laying than to be pushed into one of those pigeon holes of that horrid place”. 

Further deposits of members of the Heathcote family within the mausoleum took place in 1901, 1908, 1916 and 1925.

The MMT took the building into guardianship in 1997.

The thirty-eight deposits in the mausoleum are as follows (those in italics having been moved from the vault beneath Hursley church to the mausoleum in 1771):­

Left (East) side

Jenetta Heathcote daughter of the 1st Baronet 1737 – 1809

Helena Mary Heathcote 3rd daughter of the 5th Baronet 1853-1925

Rev’d Samuel Heathcote 3rd son of the 3rd Baronet 1773-1846

Sir Thomas Freeman Heathcote 4th Baronet 1769-1825

Gilbert Heathcote  4th son of the 1st Baronet 1732-1800

Katherine Heathcote (nee Pickering) first wife of the Rev’d Samuel Heathcote 1781-1815

Dame Elizabeth Freeman Heathcote wife of the 4th Baronet 1778 – 1808

George Heathcote 3rd son of the 2nd Baronet 1749-1789

Selina Frances Heathcote 2nd daughter of the 5th Baronet 1842-1916

Thomas Heathcote eldest son of the Rev’d Samuel Heathcote 1806-1808

Henry Heathcote 6th son of the 2nd Baronet 1766-1767

Revd Evelyn Dawsonne Heathcote 5th son of the 5th Baronet 1844-1908

Dame Selina Heathcote (nee Shirley) 2nd  wife of the 5th Baronet 1814-1901

Katherine  Heathcote 2nd daughter of Rev’d Samuel Heathcote 1805-1826

Frances Sarah Heathcote eldest daughter of the 3rd Baronet 1770-1781

Dame Anne Heathcote (nee Tollett) wife of the 2nd Baronet 1734-1799

Sir William Heathcote 5th Baronet 1801-1881

Rev’d William Heathcote 2nd son of the 3rd Baronet 1772-1802

Dame Frances Heathcote (nee Thorpe) wife of the 3rd Baronet 1742-1816

Sir Thomas Heathcote 2nd Baronet 1722 - 1787

Alathea Bigg Wither sister-in-law of the Rev’dWilliam Heathcote 1777 – 1847

Hon. Caroline Frances Heathcote (nee Perceval) 1st wife of the 5th Baronet 1798 - 1835

Elizabeth (nee Wither) widow of Rev’d William Heathcote mother of 5th Baronet 1775 - 1855

Sir William Heathcote 3rd Baronet 1746-1819

Dame Elizabeth Heathcote (nee Hinton) 1st wife of the 2nd Baronet 1726-1749

Right (West side)

Ann Lovell granddaughter of the 3rd Baronet 1800-1871

Harriet Lovell granddaughter of the 3rd Baronet 1799-1820

George Heathcote 5th  son of the 1st Baronet 1735-1735 and Rt Hon Lady Elizabeth Heathcote (nee Parker) wife of the 1st Baronet 1700-1746

Harriet Hersent Lovell 2nd daughter of the 3rd Baronet 1775-1850

Sir William Heathcote  1st Baronet 1692-1751

Langford Lovell son in law of the 3rd Baronet 1775 - 1852

Rev’d William Heathcote 2nd son of the 1st Baronet 1723-1748

William Dawsonne uncle of the 1st Baronet 1660-1727

Anne Sophia 2nd daughter of the 2nd Baronet 1757-1821

Vice-Admiral F W Drake husband of Elizabeth 1724-1787

Sophia de Salis daughter of Vice-Admiral Drake 1771-1803

Elizabeth Drake 2nd daughter of 1st Baronet 1730-1797

Samuel Pineau tutor of the 1st Baronet d. 1744


In 2005 to 2006 the Mausolea and Monuments Trust carried out conservation works to the external envelop (grant assisted by Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council). No works were carried out to the interior of the structure.


BoE: Hants, 1967, 298;

Church handbook, 1993, 298;

Burke's Peerage.

Pamphlet entailed ‘Heathcote Mausoleum Hampshire’ by Dr Julian Litten.



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